Equipping youth and women with skills and knowledge with CEP

We are an organisation focused on equipping youth and women with skills and knowledge to actively participate in the process of development. We also carry out programs that spur youths and women to realise their full potential for sustainable livelihoods. 

Our initiatives inspire communities to believe in the importance of educating girls and in the advantages that come with investing in youth and women.


Self-reliant communities where youth and women are able to realise their full potentials


CEP exists to inspire and empower youth, women and their communities through education and entrepreneurship promotion, mentoring and leadership development.


Inspiring and empowering youth, women and girls for Sustainable Development 


  • To promote the education of disadvantaged young people in rural communities especially girls. 
  • To educate youth and women on income generating skills as a springboard for the education of their children and better livelihoods.
  • To carryout mentorship, career orientation and building leadership skills in youths.
  • To promote the active participation of youths in the development process (sustainable development) by encouraging them to create self-help groups in their respective communities. 
  • To foster environmental protection through education on adverse effects of climate change, global working, environmental damage or pollution.