Mirabel Ngong - Founder

Mirabel is a communicator working to promote local governance and leadership. With over four years of work in the civil society she has advocated for single mothers going back to school using radio drama on community radio stations. She has worked with COMINSUD Cameroon to trained 63 young women to participate in local governance activities and reached out to 397 women within a project that contributed in increasing the percentage of women elected to Local Councils in North West Region in 2013 from 16% to 26%. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and gender studies.

She also did a Civic Leadership institute at the University of Virginia/Presidential Precint within the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) 2015. Previously, she worked with Media Foundation for West Africa, Ghana on a media for participatory governance project using media to promote governance. She also works with WVED Cameroon as a mentor on programs for girls while promoting leadership and entrepreneurship skills among women and youth.