CEP Cameroon and Mandela Washington Fellows reach out to Bambalang students

CEP Cameroon and the Mandela Washington Fellows Cameroon organise a one day Program at GTHS Bambalange in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region of Cameroon on international day of the girl 2016 to provide students with practical tips in setting goals and reaching their full potentials. Understand the relevance of education for young girls, they provided them robust skills in the following aspects:

  • Understand the major trends in Business and Entrepreneurship;
  • Critically analyse the strengths in taking responsibility of their future;
  • Be confident and build self esteem;
  • Understand the relevance of education for girl child 
  • Identify the vices in peer pressure; and
  • Recognize the relevance of STEM in deciding on future Plans.

GTHS Bambalang is a government school and same time a community college. Hence suffers the plight of being situated within a stiff cultural setting. The female children still suffer long history of tradition and customs like early marriages. The rationale of visiting this school was not only to talk with students but also engage community leaders on the importance of girl education. And encourage those already in school to remain in school and not susceptible to dangers of teen pregnancy , early marriages.

GTHS has a population of approximately 400 students with 20 %of the population girls and less than 5% of this completes their secondary education. Hence it was imperative to encourage the female students not only stay in school but study STEM which is very empowering.


In a brief presentation Ms Mirabel Ngong welcomed the students and said it was amazing having them turn out for international Day of the Girl Child. She said the aim of the program was not only to talk to female students on the importance of education but also to help them as young people strengthen not only their personal skills, but also to enable them be leaders in their areas of gifting.  She continued by saying that the program will enable students know how to set goals in their lives, identify and respond to the challenges in their environment.

She added that circumstances and their environment were not what defined the students but what they set their mind in achieving.