MAKE A GIRL SMILE: Helping Girls Stay in School

Education is a fundamental human right and no child should be left behind because of their gender. Community Empowerment Program Cameroon (CEP) and Everlasting Beauty Outreach-Virginia (EBO) have joined efforts to support girls education in Cameroon. To enable these girls attend school uninterrupted and stay healthy, CEP Cameroon and EBO are equipping teenage girls with menstrual hygiene knowledge and providing sanitary towels to last at least three months. The team of health practitioners supporting CEP is also talking to these teenagers about Coronavirus and barrier methods to prevent infection.

 On March 6, 2021 the first MAGS outreach supported 35 teenage girls in Ngaoundere, Adamawa region.  The event was hosted under the patronage of the Programs Coordinator of CEP Cameroon Ngong Paul with program CEP staff, the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church Ngaoundere Rev Ndifon Ephraim, the health expert: Mme Yufenyuy Solange (Senior State registered Nurse)  The Founder of Everlasting Beauty Outreach Pst. Debra Yarde  joined virtually from the Virginia.

When a girl lacks access to sanitary pads or a safe place at school to change them,that becomes another reason to keep her home on school days. She starts missing a few days every month, she falls behind, and stands strong chances to eventually drop out of school. When a girl is provided with underwear and sanitary pads, her chances of staying in school are 30% high.

‘‘It has been very useful for me because now I practice better personal hygiene and I know more aboutm y body and system.’’ Mbadai Mariam.


‘‘I was so blessed to be part of ‘make a girl smile’ program. I learnt alot on personal hygiene as a young girl. I pray this continues so that we young girls can learn more.’’  Mushing Oona


Make a Girl Smile -MAGS is an initiative of CEP Cameroon and Everlasting Beauty Outreach Orange, Virginia with the goal of  helping girls stay in school  by mentoring, counseling and by providing sanitary pads and other hygiene needs. In Cameroon the MAGS program targets three locations which are Ngaoundere, in the Adamawa Region, Kumbo in the North West Region and Douala in the Littoral Region. The project target for 2021 is to reach out to at least 200 girls in Cameroon.