Mentorship at its core guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, someone who values and assures them that they are not alone in their challenges. CEP Cameroon this September joined efforts with SAMA’S CARE’s #S7MENTORSHIP outreach program to create positive impact in the lives of young people in Bamenda.

 The session facilitator CEP’s founder and Mentor Mirabel Ngong  engaged the boys and girls by telling her own story of growing from a humble background, thriving through challenges to acquire education, her journey on community engagement through volunteering, skill acquisition and mentorship.

The interactive session focused more on knowing who you are, goal setting, building self-confidence and managing peer pressure. 

The mentees through fun, songs and experience sharing gained tips on overcoming their challenges while building a long term follow-up relationship with the mentor.

In His remarks Davidson Sama Ndofor, founder of SAMA’s CARE emphasized on the importance of story-telling and healthy mentorship to create long term positive impact in the personal, academic and professional lives of these boys and girls.

The mission of SAMA’S CARE is to bring healthcare to homes and to professionalize the homecare sector in Cameroon. The Agency does this by providing adequate training to individuals (especially the girl child) on different skills such as housekeeping, babysitting, first aid, internal and external decoration, dyeing of old and new cloth, beads making, stitching of dresses of all types, catering, and dietetic services.